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SimCoin is an attempt at a cryptocurrency that will rely on a new kind of consensus algorithm. Proof of Computing.

SimCoin's network will solve mathematical problems and compute simulations through the work each miner puts into every block that is created.

Much like Primecoin does, it will perform calculations that can ultimately have real world applications, but it will do so by finding applicable solutions to a plethora of complex problems and rendering simulations of real world systems.

By combining zero knowledge proofs with distributed computing, SimCoin participants will be solving NP problems and rendering specific simulations within agrred upon parameters in exchange for simcoins. At the same time, bussineses can access this computing power by spending simcoins and submitting their problems or systems to the network.

Instead of hashcash or scrypt ASIC farm beasts, a distributed network of useful computing nodes could be attained, giving real world value to the underlying cryptocurrency, for the infrastructure that is put in place to participate in SimCoin will be constantly producing better and better solutions to real world problems while being able to serve other needs at the same time.

The complexity of the work units will grow in tandem with the necessary difficulty needed to keep the network safe from attacks. It will adjust its diffculty just like any other proof of work based cryptocurrency, but in doing so, the distributed computing power will grow too, effectively turning it into a global supercomputer with unlimited growth potential.